About Us

Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA) is a values-based healthcare provider committed to delivering high quality service, and the MemorialCare Surgical Center Laguna Niguel is proud to be a partner in that commitment.  SCA is a leader in developing Best Demonstrated Clinical Practices and has played a key role in the development of a nationwide initiative to benchmark freestanding outpatient surgery center clinical and operational performance.  At MemorialCare Surgical Center Laguna Niguel our values reflect the standards of SCA.

Our management team is focused on providing high quality care and maintaining strong communication with our patients, physicians and their office staff. We greatly value the confidence and trust placed in our team by our patients and their families when they choose to have outpatient surgery or procedures performed at the MemorialCare Surgical Center Laguna Niguel.

To care for patients, serve physicians, and improve healthcare in America.

Our Values

Clinical Quality We are committed to outstanding patient care and clinical outcomes. 
Integrity We do what is right, no matter how difficult, without exception.  We say what we mean, and we do what we say. 
Service Excellence We seek to exceed the expectations of patients, physicians and each other in everything we do. 
Teamwork We work together, helping and supporting one another to make our Centers, Departments and all of SCA successful. 
Accountability We take complete, personal responsibility for our actions and commitments. 
Continuous Improvement We seek to relentlessly improve our performance in every area – clinical, operational, and financial – constantly   pushing ourselves to new heights.